Our History

In ’69 Royal Pizza first took root in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona area. Since then, we’ve grown into a local icon. Our pizza, pasta, hamburger, steak & ribs menu prepared with generous portions of fine-quality ingredients, has unquestionably withstood the taste of time. The secret’s in our incredible, rich, tangy sauce with our own premium special cheese blend. That’s the reason, along with our “still making it great” policy, that keeps people coming back, going on three generations now.

Royal Pizza in Old Strathcona Edmonton

In ’95 when Mike and Cynthia bought the original Royal Pizza it came with a successful formula. A formula and a tradition that was so important to the original owners, that Mike actually had to prove he was capable of carrying it on before they would sell him the restaurant. Thankfully, Mike passed the test! He bought the restaurant, and has religiously followed that formula and tradition ever since, to the logical extension of developing a number of successful franchise operations.

The Royal Pizza name is the customer’s guarantee of consistent quality and outstanding value contributing to franchisee’s success.

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